SaaS Device Management Service

SDMS allows you to manage all PC and MAC ports/endpoints from one centralized online console. With SDMS you can eliminate the risks of data loss and data theft that are posed by portable devices like USB Flash Drives. Take control of who can connect portable storage devices to your PC or MAC.

SDMS allows companies of all sizes to manage all their endpoints from one centralized online console, be it Desktops, Notebooks or Netbooks, used in the office, at home or on the road.

Key Benefits 

1. Centrally manage your endpoint / device use from anywhere
2. No server setup (hardware, licenses or maintenance)
3. Enterprise class endpoint security for every size company
4. Manage one or hundreds of PC endpoints from one online place
5. Every PC user can set it up. No experienced Admin needed

(S/W: Endpoint Security)

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SaaS Device Management Service
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