Managed Security Services

The Managed Security Services of 7iss are designed to help you achieve an acceptable information security posture, lower your TCO and achieve compliance for the monitoring and management of your security operations, regardless of device type or vendor on a 24/7/365 basis.

7iss’s Managed Security Services assures the expertise, tools and infrastructure you need to secure your Information and information assets from various sources of attacks 24/7/365, at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources.

Our Security Operations center provides Collection, Co-relation, Analysis by Security Analysts and reporting to ensure that your IT Infrastructure is Secure and Efficient.

We design security strategies leveraging our expertise, tools and processes while ensuring confidentiality and building flexibility and scalability. Mentioned below are a few highlights of our services.

  • A centralized State of the art Security Operations Center manned by trained personnel.
  • Access to certified and competent information security analysts
  • Tiered security support
  • Continuous support for security audits and enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Improved visibility of security posture

We have insight into security situations based on extensive experience, dealing with hundreds or thousands of potentially threatening situations every day, and are some of the most aggressive and strenuous users of security software(s) available today.

7iss can provide an independent perspective on the security posture of your organization and help maintain a system of checks and balances with in-house personnel. We can provide an integrated, more coherent solution, thereby eliminating redundant effort, hardware, and software.

  Services we provide
Managed Security Services
Data Loss Protection
Network Operations Center
Disaster recovery Services
Cloud Computing
Database Activity & Monitoring
Data warehousing
SaaS Device Management Service
File Integrity monitoring
Incidence Response
Network Access Control
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