Data Loss Protection

DLP refers to systems that identify, monitor, and protect data in use (e.g. endpoint actions), data in motion (e.g. network actions), and data at rest (e.g. data storage) through deep content inspection, contextual security analysis of transaction and with a centralized management framework. Systems are designed to detect and prevent unauthorized use and transmission of confidential information

To address the data loss problem, organizations need to focus now on content filtering and blocking of electronic communications leaving the network – and not just email, but instant messaging (IM), webmail, HTTP and FTP communications as well. All avenues of electronic communication need to be policed to prevent intellectual property, financial information, patient information, personal credit card data, and a variety of sensitive information (depending on the business and the industry) from falling into the wrong hands.

7iss Partners with leading DLP vendors and provides DLP solutions that fit-right to your organization’s need. Our technical experts evaluate, design, suggest and implement the right DLP solution that fit your organization.

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