Database Activity & Monitoring (DAM)

Database Activity Monitors capture and record, at a minimum, all Structured Query Language (SQL) activity in real time or near real time, including database administrator activity, across multiple database platforms; and can generate alerts on policy violations. While a number of tools can monitor various level of database activity, Database Activity Monitors are distinguished by five features:
1. The ability to independently monitor and audit all database activity, including administrator activity and SELECT transactions. Tools can record all SQL transactions: DML, DDL, DCL, (and sometimes TCL) activity.
2. The ability to store this activity securely outside the database.
3. The ability to aggregate and correlate activity from multiple heterogeneous Database Management Systems (DBMSs). Tools can work with multiple DBMSs (e.g., Oracle, Microsoft, IBM) and normalize transactions from different DBMSs despite differences between SQL flavors.
4. The ability to enforce separation of duties on database administrators.
5. The ability to generate alerts on policy violations. Tools don't just record activity; they provide real-time monitoring and rule-based alerting. For example, you might create a rule that generates an alert every time a DBA performs a select query on a credit card column, which returns more than 5 results.

Safeguarding your databases is the key to protecting your most valuable asset: your enterprise’s trusted information. By one estimate, up to 99.9 percent of records compromised are online, and 75 percent of such compromises occur on the database server level. Organizations also need to be aware of challenges involving:
• Internal threats: monitoring privileged users, identifying unauthorized changes and preventing data leakage, ensuring that technical staff access data in an approved fashion
• External threats: detecting fault and preventing data theft and malicious attacks to ensure data integrity and confidentiality are maintained
• Compliance: simplifying and automating compliance processes while reducing costs
CSC’s Managed Database Monitoring (MDM) service continuously tracks database traffic on networks and on database servers themselves, across all major database management system (DBMS) platforms, operating system platforms and applications. This provides clients a full set of detective controls, with 100 percent visibility into all database activities without impact on the performance of business-critical applications and databases.



7iss provides security capabilities specific to database monitoring and protection, utilizing a tool that allows for a fuller database security platform. 7iss offers:
• Specialized awareness of database protocols and activity patterns not normally delivered by perimeter and intrusion detection and prevention tools
• Out-of-the-box protection for applications and databases against both privileged users and hackers who could hijack application servers to gain access to back-end databases, a benefit not normally associated with database encryption tools
• Protection for enterprise data in the data center itself, beyond what most data leak prevention tools provide
• Real-time enforcement of separation of duty principles by ensuring that privileged users perform only required actions
• Advanced, independent and database focused analytics
• Enforced separation of duties
• No reliance on DBMS-resident logs, which can easily be erased by attackers or rogue insiders
• Granular, real-time policies and auditing
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Our Managed Database Monitoring service is an integral component of a secure business environment. To find out more, please contact us.

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