Cloud Computing

Over and over again, we hear the same, familiar complaints from businesses desperate to get off the endless IT rollercoaster. That's because whether you're running and managing your own technologies or overseeing an IT staff, the problems are never-ending. And no matter how much money you throw at IT, the mess just grows larger.

Those days are over! Cloud Computing takes your entire infrastructure virtual, giving any size company access to a world-class, powerhouse infrastructure and slashing or eliminating every one of your IT expenses!


With Cloud Computing, the costs and burdens of ownership, maintenance and support are eliminated. This translates to substantial savings on multiple levels. IT staffing is minimized, and existing personnel are better utilized for real issues. Efficiencies are increased across the board, as redundant expenses are eliminated (i.e. multiple applications and operating systems can be run on a single server). Our clients pay just one low, monthly fee for rental-type access.

High Availability/Performance

While the best of desktop computers can process roughly three billion computations per second, with Cloud technology it's measured in the tens of trillions. That means even the smallest companies can now enjoy lightening-fast bandwidth as well as broad access to the latest and greatest programs. New applications are easily and quickly deployed – no purchasing, testing or managing needed. Advanced workload management and server flexibility let you prioritize your needs and maximize server resources.

7iss's impeccable track record and industrial-strength equipment, power and cooling systems assure you the highest level of dependability out there. Our network is fully redundant, including multi-homed, vendor neutral Internet connectivity, so even if one of the major Internet Service Providers goes down, our network will not be impacted. Our servers, meanwhile, have dual-redundant power supplies and are connected to separate power circuits backed up by both battery and diesel generators. So even in a power outage, your network will be unaffected.


With one centralized infrastructure continuously managed by data security experts, your sensitive information is fully safeguarded in our secure data centers across several states. This system allows for rapid disaster recovery and business continuity. Even in the implausible event that a physical server failed in our cloud, your server could be returned to fully functional status in approximately one minute. No in-house IT solution provides that type of disaster recovery speed, period.

With 7iss's Cloud Computing, you simply plug in, log in and start doing business. Virtual access means users can work from anywhere in the world, accessing their desktop, files and network with unprecedented speed and security.

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